Opinion: Positive Conservative vision resonating across the country

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The summer recess from Ottawa has given me the chance to attend events across Portage-Lisgar and reconnect with the people who elected me. Whether I’m on the parade route in towns like Carman, knocking on doors in Portage la Prairie or taking in one of the summer festivals southern Manitoba has to offer, I’m hearing the same thing: “We have to get rid of Justin Trudeau, he is wrecking our country.”
Since Justin Trudeau’s 2015 election, he and his party have consistently demonstrated their dismal lack of good management and leadership. Liberals have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted. They have failed on pipelines, they have failed to protect Canadian jobs and have failed to secure our border. The PM has embarrassed us on the world stage and his policies have significantly lowered our competitive advantage.
He has offered little hope to the families struggling to make ends meet and he’s forcing them to pay more with his failed carbon tax scheme. Trudeau’s approach to addressing the challenges facing our country is not working and Canadians are paying for it.
Our positive, Conservative vision for Canada is resonating across the country. Recently, the people of Chicoutimi-Le Fjord in Quebec rejected Justin Trudeau, this Liberal Government and their disastrous policies. They elected a Conservative Member of Parliament who will fight to protect our jobs, protect our communities and lower taxes for middle class families.
Under the leadership of Andrew Scheer, Canada’s Conservatives are strong, united and determined. As your Member of Parliament, I will continue fighting for the values, interests and for the protection of the individuals and families of Portage-Lisgar.