Winkler students raise funds for Food Cupboard

Darlene Derksen’s Grade 2 class at Winkler Elementary School held a garage sale to raise funds for the Winkler Food Cupboard. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)

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A Winkler Elementary School class learned the joy of giving Dec. 18, hosting a garage sale in their classroom to raise funds for the Winkler Food Cupboard.
Darlene Derksen’s Grade 2 class donated their own toys, puzzles and games to the sale to raise the funds.
Derksen said the idea came up after their collection for Christmas Cheer didn’t raise as much as they hoped.
“I’ve been trying to teach my kids it’s better to give than to receive,” she said. “I suggested (the garage sale) to the kids and the next thing you know kids are bringing bags and bags of stuff.”
Derksen said there were lots of lessons learned in setting up and conducting the sale.
“They had to sort all this stuff, they had to price stuff, organize, they’ve been helping people…” she said.
A representative of the Winkler Food Cupboard also came in to talk to the students about what they do.
The sale went well with the classroom packed with buyers in the early going. Derksen said the students loved taking charge of the sale.
“Everyone enjoyed it,” she said. “They’ve enjoyed helping customers.”
The sale also included a raffle for a large stuffed Minnie Mouse, and books donated by the school library. The bulk of the items came from the students themselves, who sorted through their own belongings at home, to choose items to donate.
“They took toys that they maybe haven’t played with in the last while and donated them,” she said. “The students have learned a lot.”
Joshua Krahn was one student who said it was important for them to help. “We want to help people that need food and they’re poor, so they can live and eat,” he said.
Lacey Reimer and Eulysses Bongad agreed saying it’s important to help others.
Ronon D’Arcy also took the time to do a little shopping of his own, purchasing a bird house, game, cup and a stuffie for his brother’s Christmas present.
Damian Krahn said he feels it’s important for them to help others. “They don’t have much money and they need food, so we want to help them,” he said.
Dawson Friesen agreed. “We wanted to help others, because they don’t have much money,” he said.
He donated some of his belongings to the sale, but said it wasn’t hard to see them go. “We didn’t play with them anymore,” he said.