Winkler police weekly report Jan. 13–19

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The following are some of the files that were opened with the Winkler Police Service during this time period.

Jan. 13

Purse stolen from local business

Police received a report regarding a purse that was stolen from a local business on January 11. This file is still under investigation.

Driving with suspended license

While on patrol, police queried the licence plate of a vehicle and learned the registration was inactive. Police conducted a traffic stop and learned the female’s driver’s licence was suspended. The female was issued tickets for driving an unregistered vehicle and driving while disqualified, which carried a total of $970 in fines, and the vehicle was towed from the scene.

Jan. 16

Loitering complaint

A report was received regarding a suspicious vehicle that was often parked in the back parking lot of a local business. Police attended, spoke with the occupants of the vehicle and confirmed that nothing criminal in nature had occurred. The driver was informed that he was no longer welcome to park at the business unless he was there for business purposes.

Missing vehicle light

A male reported that he was parked at a local restaurant, and upon leaving he observed that a light from his vehicle was missing.

Police respond to assault

Police received a report of an assault that had just taken place involving two males known to each other. Police located the male suspect, arrested him for assault, and later released him on an undertaking.

Identity theft

A female reported that after her cell phone unexpectedly lost service, she contacted her cellular provider who advised that someone had obtained her phone’s SIM card information, but was unsure as to how. The female also noted that several unauthorized purchases were made from two of her online accounts. The female’s cellular provider later advised her that someone must have specifically requested her phone number, and provided the correct information required for the request. The female was able to re-activate her phone, and will be reimbursed for the unauthorized purchases made from her accounts. It is unknown how the female’s personal and cell phone information was obtained by the fraudster.

Imprudent driving

A complaint was received regarding a truck that proceeded through an intersection while spinning its tires for a long distance, causing rocks and gravel to be sprayed at nearby vehicles. The driver of the truck was issued a ticket for driving imprudently.

Jan. 17

Shoulder pass causes accident

Police received a report of a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of 1st Street and Mountain Avenue. Police learned that the driver of a southbound vehicle was waiting to turn left onto a parking lot when a northbound vehicle stopped to let the driver make the turn. As the southbound driver proceeded to turn she struck a northbound vehicle which was passing on the shoulder. The driver of the northbound vehicle was issued a ticket for overtaking and passing on the right in an unsafe manner, namely on the right shoulder. There were no injuries reported at the time of the accident, and both vehicles were towed from the scene.

Goods stolen from local business

Staff of a local store reported that a female attempted to leave the store without paying for an item of merchandise. Staff confronted the female, retrieved the stolen merchandise, and provided police with a description of the female and her vehicle. A short time later, police located the suspect vehicle in a nearby store parking lot and observed the female sitting inside the vehicle with store staff nearby. Staff of the second store advised police that the female had left the store without paying for several items of merchandise, and she was subsequently arrested for shoplifting. A search of the vehicle resulted in police locating items stolen from three separate stores, and the female was charged with three counts of theft under $5,000, along with driving an unregistered vehicle and driving while disqualified, and the vehicle was towed from the scene. The female was later released on an undertaking, along with a banishment notice from one of the stores, and the stolen items were returned to each store.

Police respond to intoxication complaint

A female reported that an intoxicated guest was causing a disturbance inside her home and was no longer welcome. The male was arrested under the intoxicated persons detention act and released once sober.

Jan. 18

Driving while disqualified

Police were advised of a vehicle that was stuck against the curb of Mountain Avenue, and the caller was concerned that the driver may be impaired. Police attended, observed the vehicle to start driving after being helped out of the snow, and proceeded to conduct a traffic stop. Police confirmed the driver was not impaired, but learned that her driver’s licence was suspended. The female was issued a ticket for driving while disqualified, and the vehicle was seized for 30 days.

Jan. 19

Driving imprudently

While on patrol, police were westbound on Roblin Boulevard approaching Park Street when they observed two southbound vehicles stopped at the intersection. The first vehicle proceeded to turn westbound through the intersection by accelerating rapidly, causing the back end of the vehicle to swing into the oncoming lane. Immediately after, police observed the second vehicle turn in the same manner. Police conducted a traffic stop on both vehicles, and each driver was issued a ticket for driving imprudently.

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