Winkler police weekly report Feb. 3–9

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The following are some of the files that were opened with the Winkler Police Service during this time period.

Feb. 3

Police respond to collision

Shortly before 5 a.m., police were dispatched to a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Highway 14 and 1st Street. Police learned the driver of an eastbound vehicle became distracted and failed to stop for the red light, causing him to collide with a northbound vehicle. The driver of the northbound vehicle was transported to the hospital with minor injuries, and the driver of the eastbound vehicle was issued a ticket for disobeying a traffic control device, namely a red light.

Vandals damage trail signs

A report was received regarding numerous snowmobile trail signs that were stolen or broken sometime between Jan. 31 and Feb. 2. This investigation is ongoing, and anyone with information is asked to contact the Winkler police at 204-325-0829.

Feb. 5

Youth text threats

Police were advised of a threatening text message that was sent from a male youth to a female youth. The male was advised of the consequences of sending messages of this nature and of the seriousness of the situation, and all parents were notified.

Feb. 6

Police respond to assault

A 911 call was received regarding a fight taking place between two males inside a residence. Police attended, found the two males arguing, and upon speaking with one of the males, were advised that he was assaulted during the dispute. The victim did not wish to proceed with charges and departed the residence without incident.

Police ticket disqualified driver

While on patrol, police observed a vehicle that was reported the previous week for passing a stopped school bus. Police conducted a traffic stop, during which time it was learned that the vehicle’s registration was inactive and the driver’s licence was suspended. The male was issued tickets for driving an unregistered vehicle and driving while disqualified, which carried a total of $970 in fines, and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

Police investigate masked teens

The manager of a local business reported that he witnessed a masked teenage male attempt to enter the business’s storage room. The manager was inside the room when the male opened the door to enter, and upon seeing the manager the male, along with three other males, fled the scene on foot. This file is still under investigation.

Police arrest intoxicated female

Police observed a female walking along Redwood Drive who was unbalanced on her feet and appeared to be highly intoxicated. Upon speaking with the female, police noted the strong odour of liquor emanating from her breath. Police learned the female was under conditions to abstain from the consumption of alcohol, and she was subsequently arrested for failing to comply with a release order. The female was uncooperative and belligerent with police during the arrest process, and remanded into custody.

Feb. 8

Police investigate sex assaults

Police received a disclosure of historical sexual assaults that occurred against two victims by the same male. This investigation is ongoing.

Imprudent driving

Police were dispatched to a single-vehicle accident on Greensfield Drive involving a vehicle that struck a tree. Police spoke with the driver, who admitted that he was driving too fast for the road conditions, and issued him a ticket for driving imprudently.

Driving under the influence

A report was received regarding a suspected impaired driver, and police were provided with a vehicle description and licence plate number. Police located the vehicle travelling on 1st Street and proceeded to conduct a traffic stop, at which time police noted the odour of liquor emanating from the vehicle. The driver complied with a demand for a breath sample, which resulted in a “Fail” reading, and he was arrested for driving impaired. The male was transported to the Winkler Police Service, where he provided two additional breath samples resulting in readings of 230 mg% and 220 mg% (the legal limit is 80 mg%). He was released the following morning on an undertaking. The male’s licence was suspended for three months, and his vehicle was impounded for 60 days.

Feb. 9

Police ticket motorist

While on patrol, police were travelling southbound on Main Street approaching the intersection of Roblin Boulevard, which displayed a green light. At this time, police observed an eastbound vehicle stop at the intersection and then continue through, making a northbound turn. Police confirmed eastbound traffic had a red light and proceeded to conduct a traffic stop. The male was issued a ticket for disobeying a traffic control device, namely a red light.

Driving without a muffler

Police issued two drivers written warnings for failing to have required equipment, namely a muffler, and each driver was given a set period of time to remedy the situation.

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