Winkler Heritage Society hosts banquet

Winkler Heritage Society President Randy Rietze. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)

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Attendance increased by close to 30 per cent year over year at the Winkler Heritage Society annual banquet.

The event which attracted 170 people, also celebrated 20 years for the Heritage Society, which oversees the Winkler Heritage Museum, the Archives and Stones and Stories, which documents the stories of those buried in local cemeteries.

This year’s guest speaker, Dr. Don Klassen, shared the medical history of the community.

Heritage Society president Randy Rietze said Stones and Stories is one of the more popular things they offer.

“We get a lot of calls like that where people reach out to us and try to find out more about their loved ones,” he said.

More space

The Winkler Heritage Museum may soon find itself with more space. Rietze said they are in the process of getting additional room.

“There is a chance we could get more room,” he said. “We have stuff stored in another location that we can’t display, we just don’t have the room.”

Talks are in the early stages, and come on the heels of fears they may have to completely leave the mall.

Rietze said they  would love to be able to have all their services in one place.

“We’d like to combine our archives and our museum,” he said.

Rietze said the public is encouraged to purchase $20 memberships which also gets them a subscription to Heritage Happenings.

“We are a nonprofit and the majority of our money comes from grants and people that donate to us and we would like to thank them all,” he said. “We want to keep the heritage of Winkler alive as long as we can.”

Orlando and Grace Sukkau performed at the Winkler Heritage Banquet. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)