Viterra curling profits disbursed

Winkler Curling club treasurer Charles Dyck, president Ernie Gonda, Louis Tanguay and Frank Wiebe of the local Viterra event.

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The last of the profits earned from the 2018 Viterra Men’s Curling Championship were disbursed Oct. 11, bringing the total donations to $95,000.
The Winkler Curling Club accepted $75,000, Winkler Community Foundation was given $10,000, the Winkler Senior Centre accepted $800, and the Buhler Active Living Centre and Friends of Riding Mountain National Park each accepted $500.
Those donations were in addition to funds already disbursed to the Winkler Flyers ($4,000), Winkler Jr. Curling Club ($2,200), Winkler Senior Curling Club ($1,000) and Special O Central Region ($1,000).
Viterra Coordinator Louis Tanguay said the actual cash disbursed was close to $94,000, but $1,000 worth of iPads and printers purchased for the event were also donated to Winkler Jr. Curling, raising the total value to $95,000.
That’s slightly less than the anticipated profit of $101,000.
“Attendance wasn’t as strong as what it was at the Scotties,” Tanguay explained. Cold weather may have kept attendance down as well.
Tanguay said they wanted to give funds to the Winkler Senior Centre and Buhler Active Living Centre. “It was important that we gave back,” he said.
The Friends of Riding Mountain National Park received $500 in memory of Gary and Tammy Berg.
Nettie Dyck of Winkler Senior Centre said they’ll use their funds to help them install a new stove that will make providing Meals on Wheels possible.
They took over the job from Autumnwood Estates Oct. 1. “It’s a big project so this will definitely help us out,” she said.
Mike Chute, Executive Director of Buhler Active Living Centre said they didn’t know exactly what the funds would be used for.
“We’re going to use them for tenant activities or equipment,” he said.
Executive Director of the Winkler Community Foundation Myra Peters said the donation will be in their general fund.
“The Winkler Community Foundation is very excited that they’ve gifted us this money,” she said. “We’re very excited that they wanted to give back to the community through the foundation.”
Ernie Gonda, President of the Winkler Curling Club said there are several potential projects that could benefit from the funds.
“We have some equipment here that’s reaching close to the end of its life,” he said.
Gonda pointed out their cooling plant is getting old and has already been repaired numerous times. The club is also looking at an expansion for the front of the facility.
Curling popularity is increasing in Winkler, and Gonda said it’s events like the Viterra and Scotties that help make that happen.
“Curling is starting to get back to the way it used to be a number of years ago,” he said. “That was the winter sport that everyone did.”
Currently the junior league, Tuesday ladies’ league, men’s Wednesday night league, and Monday Morning Moms league are full.
The Monday nights Men’s league, and senior curling leagues are also near capacity.

Frank Wiebe presents the cheque to Myra Peters, executive director of the Winkler Community Foundation.

Louis Tanguay presents to Mike Chute, executive director of Buhler Active Living Centre.

Louis Tanguay and Frank Wiebe present to Nettie Dyck of Winkler Senior Centre.