Valley Fiber bringing services to Reinfeld and Schanzenfeld

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Winkler based Valley Fiber Limited is hoping to offer its dedicated internet, 4K multimedia and television services to Reinfeld and Schanzenfeld.

This opportunity is made possible through a partnership of Valley Fiber and rural municipality of Stanley’s local improvement tax payment plan. The approximate cost for infrastructure is $4,500 and a financial commitment from customers is required in order to cover a portion of the cost.

In order to confirm a connection to a residence, customers must pay a $1,500 fee along with a two-year agreement. This will cover the first 100 feet of construction from property line to residence. Additional distance may result in additional costs and will be quoted prior to any commitment.

This fee can be paid in one of two ways:

-Pay the fee directly to Valley Fiber before Feb. 28, 2020.

-Add the cost over 5 years to your property taxes through the RM of Stanley.

A Local Improvement Tax Payment Plan must be completed and returned to Valley Fiber before Feb. 28, along with a signed Valley Fiber agreement.

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