United Way hosts barbecue

Volunteers served up a barbecue lunch at the Winkler Co-op on May 25 to raise funds for the Winkler United Way. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)

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Winkler & District United Way hosted a barbecue at the Winkler Co-op, May 25, giving them exposure and the chance to make some funds for the cause.
President of the Winkler & District United Way, Kim Nelson, said they were happy to have the opportunity.
“Co-op, for part of Pay it Forward Month, offered us to help raise awareness for Winkler and District United Way,” she said. “They provided burgers and chips and pop for us.”
All the money raised will go toward the many organizations they support.
The fundraiser also helps them raise their profile in the community.
“This is our first step into being out there a little bit more in the community and not just at the kickoff month,” she said.
The event raised over $800 and Nelson said they consider it a success.
“The support of people saying that they’re happy to see us has been great,” she said.
More events are planned for fall.