Three Little Pigs build roots in rural Manitoba

The Three Little Pigs sing their way around the stage at Bethel Heritage Park

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What do three pigs, a wolf and the opera have in common? It’s a new children’s show put on by the Manitoba Underground Opera (MUO).

The five performers hosted families at the Bethel Heritage Park on July 30, performing the 30 minute show.

Janice Marple, the Administrative Director and one of the singers, said the show tells the classic story of the three little pigs with a twist emphasizing the use of libraries.

The library aspect to the story also plays into the fact that most of the performances take place in libraries across Winnipeg.

“All of the music is written by Mozart, so it’s all taken from Mozart operas and kind of Frankenstein-ed together,” Marple said. “A composer named John Davies built these children’s shows, putting together all this different music and creating new words so it tells these children’s stories.”

Marple said this is the first time the show has travelled out side of Winnipeg, breaking down barriers of people who may not have the chance to experience the opera.

“It was really important to us to bring it to smaller towns,” Marple said. “It bothers us that there is such a huge barrier to people living in these communities to get to experience live opera.”

She added that the shows are all free, and because they can be seen in libraries, it allows for easier access to see an opera without breaking the bank.

Different foundations and councils in Winnipeg have donated money to MUO allowing for the shows to take place free of charge.