Students offered a chance to join Chamber of Commerce

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The Winkler & District Chamber of Commerce is encouraging students to become involved in the business community.
To do that, they can apply to join the Chamber of Commerce board. This is a new method of attracting a student.
“The Winkler & District Chamber of Commerce has student reps sit on our board every year as part of just trying to get the students involved,” Executive Director Tanya Chateauneuf said. “Previously we would just allow the school to assign whichever students we thought would be a good fit, but the 2019/20 school year we’re trying to be a little more strategic about who we have sitting on our board.”
“We are actually putting a process behind it where you have to have a genuine interest in business, economics and the Winkler business community specifically,” she added.
The student rep will be called upon to give a report on behalf of their school regarding events they are having, concerns, updates and anything else they feel is relevant. They are also encouraged to participate in discussions at meetings and may be called upon join relevant committees.
Students who will be in Grade 11 or 12 in the 2019/20 school year at a GVSD high school are eligible to apply.
“We are asking those students who are interested in sitting on our board as a rep for youth or students in our community to submit a 250 word essay describing what you think makes a healthy business community along with a cover letter outlining why you would like to be a rep on the Winkler Chamber board,” Chateauneuf said.
Upon graduation, student reps that have fulfilled their obligations will receive a $500 scholarship to be used towards post secondary education.
Chateauneuf said they have had great students in the past, but saw a chance to improve the process.
“We are always looking to improve the things that we do and make sure we’re providing the best and biggest impact for all the parties involved,” she said. “Although our students up until now have been fantastic in attending our meetings and showing up when they need to, we just want to be really strategic about having the biggest impact on that one (or two) student(s) who should really be sitting at our table.”
Entries may be submitted by June 30 to Winkler & District Chamber of Commerce, c/o Executive Director, 185 Main St., Winkler, MB, R6W 1B4 or by email to with “Student Rep Entry” in the subject line.