Roland School leading in physical literacy

Students try out the climbing wall at Roland School. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

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The sensory path brought the school into the spotlight, the new rock climbing wall means they are not taking physical literacy lightly.
Roland School continues to be a leader in physical literacy education for students attending the school with the announcement of a brand new traverse climbing wall installed in the gymnasium.
“I did it this morning, we pulled the mats out and I got up there before we ran our gym classes with it,” said Principal of Roland School, Brandy Chevalier. “The kids are really excited about it. Our school is receiving immense kudos worldwide about the things we have going on here. It’s really exciting for us to say we’re kind of on the front end of this and leading the way for the nation.”
The 20 by 10-foot climbing wall was installed last week at the school. Mats fold up to the wall to cover the rocks when not in use, eliminating the chance of a student crashing or bumping into a protruding hold on the wall. The wall was funded by local organizations including a $2,000 grant from the Carman and Area Foundation, a $2,000 donation from the Parent Advisory Council and another $1,000 from Refined Health – a naturopathic doctor whose child attends the school.
“The wall came as a complete kit and the mats act as a crash pad if the students fall off but also will cover up the blocks when not in use,” said Chevalier.
“One of our school’s goals is physical literacy and we feel it just ensures confidence and wellness of a whole child. It also supports all of our numeracy and literacy goals by giving students those breaks to go and be active. Mental wellness is a huge issue and we need to support students, and physical activity is a great way to help with the students’ mental health.”
Chevalier made a trip to Winnipeg recently for the International Physical Literacy Conference where Roland School was being showcased in some of the presentations about how amazing it is to have a school focused on physical literacy in the province.
Physical literacy, as defined by Sport for Life Canada, is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.
Roland School is currently leading the charge in providing an educational setting where school goals focus on literacy, numeracy and physical literacy.
The traverse climbing wall is the simplest variety of climbing walls that can be installed in schools.
his is a great option to challenge students to climb horizontally instead of vertical and complements the development of a variety of gross motor skills and the improvement of overall physical literacy.
Chevalier is excited at the thought of the school leading the country in physical literacy and plans to continue taking steps to ensure all students have healthy minds, bodies, and spirits.