Roland Elementary hosts Safety & Wellness Day

Organizer and counsellor Jesse Thomaschewski. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)

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Roland Elementary School hosted Safety & Wellness Day May 31, all part of their mission to promote wellness of all kinds.
The day included presentations, workshops and activities centering around themes including art and wellness, sun safety, nutrition and healthy habits, fire safety, water safety, internet safety and movement breaks.
While the day is new to Roland students, it’s something organizer and guidance counsellor Jesse Thomaschewski has found to work well in the past.
“This is something I’ve done previously,” he said. “It’s my first year in this building but I’ve been with Prairie Rose (School Division) for the past six years.”
Thomaschewski works 20 per cent of his time at Roland Elementary, and 80 per cent at Carman Collegiate.
When he realized he would be spending this school year with Roland School, he said he invited principal Brandy Chevalier to a safety and wellness day he was hosting.
“She saw last year, loved what was happening there,” he said.
No two events are exactly the same, and Thomaschewski said they worked to cater to the needs of this building.
“It’s been really great working with Brandy this year to do some whole scale school initiatives,” he said.
Student and parent surveys are used to find out what to focus on. “A lot of my programming gets catered to where there’s lagging skills,” he said.
All the categories were chosen because they are important to focus on, including the movement breaks. “The movement break is really just to complement our physical literacy initiatives in the building,” he said.
He said it’s a good opportunity to do a full day event, rather than teach this in smaller amounts.
“I think it’s really nice for them to switch gears out of their regular schedule for the day, so I’m really curious to see what the feedback is on this,” he said.
Students have been encouraged to offer feedback on cards that are also entries for door prizes.
Thomaschewski said they’ve partnered with different people and groups such as the public health nurse, Life Saving Society, and Roland Fire Hall to make this happen. “People have been very generous with their time across the board,” he said. “A lot of people are just volunteering their time through their organizations. It’s been super appreciated.”
Roland School has been in the news for their sensory path and new climbing wall.
“We’re embracing these different types of wellness, being physically well, being mentally well, spiritually well, and hoping to keep expanding on that,” he said. “I feel like our school has done a phenomenal job getting physical literacy initiatives started and it’s just nice to have mental wellness be complementary with that as well and just keep growing on the different forms of wellness.”

Roland Elementary School students take part in a movement break. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)