R.M. of Stanley hires Commissionaires for bylaw enforcement

R.M. of Stanley Reeve Morris Olafson.

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The R.M. of Stanley has hired a company to enforce bylaws in the municipality.
Commissionaires Manitoba signed a service contract with the R.M. of Stanley to provide bylaw enforcement services beginning in June.
“They will be a uniformed group, they will have their own vehicle, they’ll look official and their job is basically to try and uphold the bylaws which we have within our municipality,” Reeve Morris Olafson said.
Commissionaires is a private, not for profit Canadian company which employs more than 21,000 people nation wide. They are made up primarily of former military and RCMP but include a diverse team of all ages.
Commissionaires perform bylaw enforcement as one of their tasks, and also provide security, identification services, non-core police services and training programs.
Olafson said the goal is to fix situations, not punish those who are doing something wrong.
“It will have a soft start, and they will go out complaint based and go and see those people and try to remediate any issues,” he said. ”They will come out and try to get people to comply with (bylaws).
Issues such as people contravening rules on derelict vehicles, dogs, fire bans and other burning will be handled by the commissionaires.
“Fire is a big thing because we allow burning in the villages yet, “Olafson said. “Some people are just not nice, and they put their burn barrels beside their neighbours and the smoke goes in their house… they’re just not being neighbourly.”
The Commissionaires will come out as needed, and Olafson said complaints will still be accepted by the R.M of Stanley for screening.
The estimated cost is $15,000 to $20,000 annually, far less than if the R.M. hired their own bylaw enforcement officer.
They had also considered sharing one with Rhineland municipality, but ultimately chose this approach instead.
“It’s going to cost us some money, but right now our office staff is tasked with dealing with some of these instances and they’re not a trained personnel, they’re not the policemen,” he said. “The Commissionaires is a very well respected group.”