Plum Coulee 4-H celebrates first year back

Callie Thiessen won second place in the Junior One Person Visual Category at the Red River Area Speeches. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

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The Plum Coulee 4-H Club has been started again after a few decades of being absent. A new multi-purpose club was started this last fall. The registration date for this year was October 25, 2018. The year was started with a general meeting with the executive board as follows; President, Koen Thiessen, Vice President, Orrin Regier, Secretary, Callie Thiessen, Treasurer/Reporter/Photographer, Claire Regier, Banner Scanner, Luke Friesen, Photographer, Katrine Kreker, and Scrapbook, Kayleen and Kevin Kreker. The club has 13 members and 2 leaders in its inaugural year.
Adventures into 4-H for 8 and 9-year old members, have been dabbling in a number of topics, the latest focusing on fabrics. This group gets to explore 6 different subjects throughout the year.
The other group, ages 10 and up has been focusing on plants and gardening this year. Since the 4-H motto is “Learn to do by Doing” this group of members has had multiple opportunities to get their hands in the dirt and explore different aspects of growing plants.
The club held its communications evening on February 7, 2019. Dorothy Derksen and Gladys Hiebert were the judges of the evening. The results were as follows; Cloverbud speech: 1. Raya Thiessen 2. Mya Thiessen, Junior Speech: 1. Claire Regier 2. Leona Friesen, Intermediate Speech: Luke Friesen, Cloverbud one person Visual: 1. Orrin Regier, Junior one person Visual: 1. Callie Thiessen, 2. Koen Thiessen, Intermediate One Person Visual: 1. Kayleen Kreker.
The Red River Area Speeches were held on March 9, 2019. Callie Thiessen received 2nd place in the Junior one person Visual Category!
The Plum Coulee 4-H club has had the opportunity to go on a number of field trips that allowed our members hands on experiences. The first one was at the Farm, Food, and Discovery Center at Glenlea. The members learned about the importance and function of bees, growing crops and had a chance to make bread from scratch.
Jo-Anne Joyce from the University of Manitoba’s Buller greenhouse arranged for us to get a tour with Dr. Carla Zelmer. Dr. Zelmer introduced us to plants foreign to Manitoba and its climate. Members were able to take samples from the greenhouse specimens and take a closer look at them through microscopes and see the plants at a cellular level!
Our club also be participated in the garden expo at Morden’s Access event center. The 4-H members created display boards that covered the material we learned about this year about plants and growing things. This event allowed the 4-H members the opportunity to discuss what they learned and solidify the information learned throughout the year.
The year ended on March 16 at the Center on Main in Plum Coulee with Achievement night. The members display boards were judged by Dorothy Derksen and Norma Wood. The evening started with the members describing the year, followed by awards. This event was open to the public and allowed anyone considering to join next fall to come and see what it’s all about!