Morden students collaborate to create children’s books

Students from Morden Collegiate and Maple Leaf Schoo joined forces to create children's books. Supplied

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Mrs. Bates Lagae’s Grade 11/12 English students at Morden Collegiate have been meeting with Mrs. McGill’s Grade 1 class from Maple Leaf School over the last month in order to create original children’s books.

The idea for this project began with the hope to engage the Morden Collegiate students in a research project that tied into their semester theme of community. After some brainstorming the students came up with the idea to create children’s book for elementary school students.

“This was a great opportunity for all students as they were excited for their buddy meetings and engaged in their learning,” says Bates Lagae. “The Grade 11/12 (students) knew that they could not disappoint their grade one buddies! The grade ones learned that even big kids have to be willing to take creative risks at times.”

Mrs. McGill agreed to have students work with the Grade 11/12 class and over the last month the buddy groups met a handful of times. The Grade 11/12 students learned how to work with younger kids, researched and studied the structure and elements of children’s books and ultimately took the ideas of their Grade 1 buddies to create books tailored to their group’s interest. The Grade 1 students practiced strategies such as turn taking, learning to take creative risks and were the illustrators of the books.