Kultura Asian Food hosts opening

Dom and Jen Ferrer and their son Avery pose in their newly opened Kultura Asian Food Store.

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The City of Winkler is home to a new Asian Food Store and the reaction has been very positive.
Dom and Jen Ferrer hosted their official grand opening of Kultura Asian Food Store on Jan. 26, but had quietly opened their doors a week earlier.
“It’s been overwhelming for us,” Dom said. “When we opened our doors there were lineups here.”
Dom and Jen lived in Morris for eight years before moving to Winkler last summer. It was then they realized how long the trip to Winnipeg to get the food they wanted really was.
Since they’ve opened they’ve discovered many others also feel the same.
Dom said people come for noodles, condiments, fresh vegetables and much more. And what’s on the shelves today is only the beginning.
“We would love to expand the store,” Dom said, adding their existing space on the east side of 201 South Railway does allow for them to double their space when the time comes. “We’re planning to provide more products including meat,” he said. “Filipinos have choice cuts that they like.”
While they have experienced fantastic support from the Filipino community, Dom said they’ve also enjoyed serving others and answering questions.
“We are willing to let them know about our products,” he said.
Although being in business in Winkler is new, Dom is not new to the community. He began working at Salem in 2010.
“I like the people here, they’re very nice,” he said. “They’re very accommodating, very friendly.” Dom said he was even taught some of the basic Low German words as he worked there.
The store name Kultura translates to “culture”. Dom said although they are starting with mainly Filipino foods they are hoping to expand to different foods from across Asia, to different cultures.
And if people have certain Asian foods they’d like to see, he encourages them to come by the store.
“We will work on ordering it,” he said. “We are very happy to work with people and serve them.”