How your odd jobs can support youth in the community

Sofia Smith is the Winkler and area MYJC Youth Engagement Leader. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)

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As a first time homeowner I was shocked to realize early this spring all of the work that goes into taking care of a yard. Between lawn care, gardening, cleaning and cooking I have found myself terribly busy this spring. Can you relate to this feeling? It seems that everyone I talk to is as busy as I am. While being busy is certainly not a bad thing, everyone deserves to have some time to do the things they love. If finishing odd jobs around the house is not something you find joy in doing, why not use those odd jobs as a way of supporting youth in the community?
As June is quickly approaching many students are finishing up their school years and looking for ways to keep busy and earn money in the summer months. Youth benefit greatly from summer work experience, even if it is just odd jobs around your yard. These odd jobs give youth practical skills they will use in their first job and it is great for them to have something to put on their resumes for college applications and future job applications.
Consider hiring youth through the Winkler Manitoba Youth Job Centre to do those odd jobs and projects you feel overwhelmed by. Contact me, Sofia Smith by calling 204-332-0971, emailing or visiting me in my office at 185 Main Street. I would love to meet you and help you connect with students who are looking for casual work opportunities.