GVC celebrates graduation day

Garden Valley Collegiate Grad 2019. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)

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Garden Valley Collegiate celebrated as 171 students graduated, June 26 at the Winkler Mennonite Church.
Principal Scott Jantzen celebrated his last year in his position at GVC as he said farewell to the class of 2019.
Steve Zacharias gave the invocation to graduates and he told them to appreciate the moment.
“I encourage you just to take a deep breath here, fill your lungs with God’s presence here in this moment and take an inventory of these memories,” he said. “…the challenges that have been part of your high school experiences, the mountaintops like the moment we’re experiencing right now… we are convinced of God’s blessing.”
Guest speaker, and former GVC teacher who is now with Border Valley and Blumenfeld School, Donovan Giesbrecht performed a song for grads before getting into his speech which included two parts: “Smartphones are Dumb” and “Character is what really counts”.
He urged grads to lift their noses out of their phones and experience life, adding that this group of students shows character.
“When I look at these grads, I see a lot of people I admire,” he said.
“People of character choose trust, even when they’re tempted to gossip, tempted to be suspicious, tempted to get negative,” he said. “People of good character make good neighbours and good workers and good citizens and that’s what we’re all about.”
Valedictorian James Bergen remembers his first experience at GVC as “terrifying”, adding that feeling didn’t last long.
“It didn’t take long for GVC to feel like home,” he said.
He urged his fellow graduates to avoid just choosing a job to make money.
“Do things that keep you inspired and do things that inspire others,” he said.


Micah Loewen: Governor General, UofM $3,000, Winkler Community Foundation $2,000. James Bergen: Valedictory $500, Reach Award $500, UofM $3,000, Winkler Community Foundation $2,000. Quinn Hamilton: Grad of the Year $2,000, Proficiency Award $500, UofW $2,250, GVC General Fund $800, Janzen Pontiac $100, Southland Honda $100, Winkler Community Foundation $2,000. Janik Giesbrecht: Garden Valley Teachers Assoc. $1,500, CMU $3,000, Hespler Enterprises $500, Parkside Home Bldg. Ctr. $500, Extend Insurance $250, Friesen Insurance $250, JKW Construction $250, WBS $250. Esther Heinrichs: UofM $2,000, Parkside Home Bldg. Ctr. $250, Vern Thiessen Memorial $250, AL Group $200, Blessed Journeys $200, Pfahl’s Drugs $300, Pullan Kammerloch Frohlinger $100, Smitty’s $200. Madeline Penner: UofM $1,000, D.A. Loewen Electric $200, Winkler Auto Dealers $300. Aaron Doerksen: CMU $1,000. Michael Klassen: CMU $1,000. Bethany Wiebe: CMU $2,000, Borderview Electric $250, Hometown Services $100, Jim M. Smith $350, Southland Honda $50, Subway $250, Delmar Commodities $500. Lydia Ntangano: CMU $1,000, Winkler Community Foundation $2,000, Candice Bergen $50, GVC General Fund $150, Hespeler Enterprises $200, Pfahl’s Drugs $100. Denika Corrigal: UofW $1,100. Lora Neufeld: UofW $1,750, Borderview Electric $500, Focal Point $250, Hometown Services $100, Janzen Pontiac $100, Load Line Mfg. $250, Southland Honda $50. Chloe Driedger: UofW $1,750. Allyson Klassen: UofW $1,750, Winkler Community Foundation $2,000, D.A. Loewen Electric $400, Wiens Doell Law Office $300, Winkler Pharmacy $300. Hanz Valdez: UofW $1,750, Triple E Lode King $500. Kenia Elias: UofW $2,200. Niklas Loewen: UofW $1,100. Daniel Esau: Red River College $250, Haskett Growers $500, R.M. of Stanley $500. Darren Lepp: Candice Bergen $150, GVC General Fund $250, Jim M. Smith $350, Subway $250. Indigo Wiebe: BTHC Aux. $1,000, D.A. Loewen $200, GVC General Fund $200, Hometown Services $100, Vern Thiessen Memorial $500, Winkler Community Foundation $2,000. John Trinke: Winkler Community Foundation $2,000, McDonald’s $250. Katie Unrau: Vern Thiessen Memorial $500. Kaylee Fehr: Arnold Brown Memorial $250, GVC General Fund $150, Southland Honda $100. Trevor Klassen: Red River College $250. Aleah Hildebrand: BSI Insurance $350, Franz Hoeppner Wiens Law Office $200, McDonald’s $250, Meridian Mfg. $200. Alexandra Reimer: BSI Insurance $150, Dwight Suderman $250, Winkler Plumbing $100. Daniel Marx: Candice Bergen $100, GVC General Fund $100, Pfahl’s Drugs $300. Daniel Vandermeulen: RM of Stanley $500, Smitty’s $500. Diana Friesen: Triple E Lode King $500. Emmanuel Richter: Vern Thiessen Memorial $500. Hannah Harder: GVC General Fund $200, Smitty’s $200, Winkler Pharmacy $100. Hannah Hildebrandt: RM of Stanley $500. Jayme Friesen: GVC General Fund $200, Meridian Mfg. $300. Jennifer Sawazki: Delmar Commodities $100, GVC General Fund $400. Jessica Goertzen: John J. Janzen Memorial $250, Meridian Mfg. $500, Subway $500, Winkler & District Ministerial $500. John Valdez: Triple E Lode King $2,000. Maria Gruen: Arnold Brown Memorial $250. Mary Isaak: Delmar Commodities $300, GVC General Fund $200. Nazar Onishchuk: GVC General Fund $400, Meridian Mfg. $100. Sierra Peters: GVC General Fund $400, Klassens of Winkler $500, Smitty’s $100.