Grenier to run for Winkler council

Evander, Melissa, Michael and Aubrielle Grenier.

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Winkler city council incumbent Michael Grenier has put his name forward once again.
Completing his first term in office, Grenier said he decided to run once again after getting the green light from his wife and kids.
“You do a lot of learning,” he said of his first four years as a city councillor. “I feel like I’ve got more to offer.”
Grenier is married to his wife Melissa and has two children, seven-year-old Evander and Aubrielle, who will turn 4 right before the election.
A realtor at Crocus Realty, Grenier said he hopes to see ongoing projects and initiatives move forward.
That includes the construction of the Meridian Exhibition Centre and growth in the Winkler Affordable Housing Group, which he is currently chair of.
“Long term vision would be to work with the province to figure out how to have ownership of these properties and other efficient localized services helping the residents in these homes,” he said. “It’s more efficient than having a manager come out of Selkirk or Portage.”
As a councillor Grenier was chair of Winkler Affordable Housing and the Fire Protection Committee.
Among others, he’s also sat on the rec. committee, regional vet service and Winkler Family Resource.
He’s also on the Big Brothers Big Sisters board and is involved in coaching hockey, soccer and other sports as needed.
Grenier grew up in Morden, with his family moving to Winkler when he was in high school.
“Outside of going to college, Winkler has been my home ever since,” he said.
Grenier said he enjoys the spirit of togetherness that exists in Winkler.
“Even if there’s different beliefs, they all kind of come together for the good of the city,” he said.
He also admires the citizen’s fortitude over the years.
“Winkler’s always been that city that kept going and going through hard times,” he said.
Grenier hopes to use the knowledge he gained for another term in office.
“I’ve definitely experienced a lot of growth and learned a lot in the last four years,” he said. “This is the city my family calls home and I’m proud to be part of.”
These are my People
Grenier said he goes by the slogan “These are my People”.
“To me it’s always about the people first,” he said. “This is the city where my family is. It’s home. It’s the city that I love.”
So far five people have filed for councillor including Michael Grenier, Donald Cruickshank, Karina Bueckert, Andrew Froese and Don Fehr. Only incumbent Martin Harder has filed for mayor. The Manitoba Municipal Elections are set for Oct. 24.