Greg’s Legacy Push benefits Katie Cares

Pushing the car for Katie Cares. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

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A local man was honoured and funds were raised through Greg’s Legacy Push, hosted by Rise Athletics.
The fundraiser held May 4, raised funds for Katie Cares in honour of Greg Ens, a prominent member of the community who died in March.
“We definitely wanted to do something to honour Greg Ens,” Evan Kehler, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Rise Athletics said.
This year marked the fourth annual sled push for charity event at Rise Athletics.
This year Kehler said they chose Katie Cares as the charity, because it was one dear to Greg Ens.
“Greg’s been a long term member of ours,” he said. “He’s been with us since our first location.”
“He’s left a huge legacy both in our facility here and our community at Rise but obviously also just throughout the entire community throughout the Pembina Valley as well,” he added. “We just wanted to really recognize him and the legacy that he’s left.”
The event gave people two ways they could use their strength to give back.
A sled push gave people the chance to compete alone, or in relays with up to three people with the goal of pushing a 150 lb sled up and down a course as many times as they could in five minutes.
The second way was to push a brand new Honda Civic 100 feet.
“We wanted to do something with Honda as well so we reached out to them to let us use one of their new Civics,” Kehler said.
Top times ranged from 13-15 seconds.
Kehler said they enjoy giving back, something they do every spring with a sled push and every fall with a bench press challenge.
“Doing things to benefit the community is extremely important to us,” he said.
This year’s event raised close to $2,000.

The team from Southland Honda. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

Competitors also pushed a 150 lb sled up and down a course. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)

Evan Kehler poses with the Civic they used for the push. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)