Eden celebrates 20th Iron Man tournament

Golfers tee off at the 20th annual Iron Man Golf Tournament in support of the Eden Foundation. (RILEY FRIESEN/Winkler Times)

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Participants at the 20th Annual Iron Man Golf Tournament played through four rounds of golf to bring in money for mental health in Winkler and the region.
The tournament, held at the Winkler Golf Course on June 17, raises funds for the Eden Foundation. Director of Development Earl Reimer explained the funds raised are to support hope, healing and community for those on a mental health journey.
Reimer told a story of one golfer who had been participating with the tournament for so long, he still had a pledge sheet from the very first year of the Iron Man.
“One of the things that I think is really important for us, is the fact that there is a business community surrounding this organization,” Reimer said. “It is because of those participants that we can tell people who are golfing, that when they raise money, that the money that they raise, actually does go for the work of the Eden Organization.”
Reimer described how the tournament allows for a peek into what it is like to live with constant stress and anxiety.
“It’s intended to give the participant a bit of an opportunity to experience trial,” Reimer said. “One hole can sometimes be a trial; one hit and you duff it, next shot might be a ‘duffer’, already that hole is a downer.”
He explained how people think more critically and harshly the worse they play, with some players experiencing a nagging feeling of defeat while trying to do better.
During those four rounds of golf, Reimer said an embellished sense of this struggle is similar to what some people consistently struggle with everyday, “day in and day out.”
“Imagine, if you will then, what it’s like for someone who is dealing with a mental health situation, who deals with those voices in the head . . . ‘You’re not worthy’, ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘you’re going to duff this,’” Reimer said. “The Iron Man golf tournament maybe just gives us just a little bit of taste about what that must feel like.”
A highlight for Reimer over the last twenty years had been the ability to see some golfers participate in almost every tournament since the beginning.