Driver uses truck to stop moving car

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A pickup driver stopped a hazardous situation from getting worse, after he put his vehicle in front of a moving car to stop it safely.
On Thursday, April 4, 2019 at 9:48 p.m., Winkler Police responded to a disoriented and unresponsive male behind the steering wheel of a car on 1st Street near Southview Drive.
Upon arrival, Police learned that a motorist in the area had observed a male, slumped over behind the steering wheel of his car and stopped facing southbound on the roadway. The motorist approached the vehicle to see if the driver needed assistance at which time the car began to move southbound on 1st Street. The driver of a passing pickup truck, out of concern for public safety, positioned his truck in front of the moving car, slowly applied his brakes, and used his truck’s rear bumper to force the car to a stop.
With the car safely stopped, concerned bystanders attempted but were unsuccessful in communicating with the driver through the locked car doors. Fearing a medical emergency the bystanders called 911 and then broke the driver’s side window to tend to the unresponsive male.
The male was breathing and had a pulse, but remained mostly incoherent. The concerned citizens stayed with the male until Police Officers and Paramedics arrived on scene. The male was transported by ambulance to the Boundary Trails Health Centre for observation.
Winkler Police to continue to investigate.
Police Chief Ryan Hunt credited the people for doing the right thing.
“We never want the public to put their own safety at risk however, the citizens who encountered this situation acted appropriately and diligently to stop this vehicle and most certainly prevented a much more serious outcome,” he said. “I would like to commend the individuals that went above and beyond to help keep this driver and other motorists safe.”