Disc golf to benefit entire community of Roland

Disc Golf, pictured here in Sudbury, Ontario, is now in Roland. (FILE PHOTO)

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It seems every week Roland School finds a way to add to their impressive physical literacy resume and the trend continues with last week’s announcement of a new 3-hole disc golf course to be installed on the playground of the school.
“Roland School Prairie Rose School Division have partnered with Southern Health Sante Sud to purchase and install disc golf course,” said Roland School Principal, Brandy Chevalier. “I’ve been talking to the Southern Health rep and she asked how it could be accessible to the community instead of just being offered through school hours. So what we’re intending to do is have some packs of discs at the community hall in town and once everything is set up community members can come out and play and return the discs at the end of their round.”
Chevalier says the idea came to fruition when she was inquiring with the division about grant funding and if any was available for a project at Roland School. She was then informed there was about $1,000 but she would need a proposal on how the funds would be used.
“I pitched the disc golf idea for the playground because some of the issues that came up in the student and parent survey asking for feedback and ideas for moving forward involved more opportunities for outside at recess for kids,” she said. “I then reached out to Southern Health and asked if there were funds that would work and I was given another $1,000 grant. That, plus some money we had leftover in the budget, and we were able to go ahead with the project.”
Roland School has been paving the way for physical literacy in the province since the addition of 120-foot sensory path and new climbing wall. Chevalier explains what it means to be at the front of physical literacy in the province.
“Physical literacy is a movement right now and I’m sure there are a lot of schools that are starting to look at this because it’s proven that physical literacy and being physically-well helps with achievement in school,” she said. “Mental and physical wellness is directly correlated with achievement in numeracy and literacy, and that’s the goal to produce children that are doing well in literacy and numeracy – like it always has been – but identifying we need to also take care of (physical literacy) for that to happen.”
Chevalier is hopeful to have everything up and running for Roland School’s Sports Day on June 21. The disc golf holes or targets will be installed into the ground but will be removable if necessary.
Discs will be available at the community hall for people of the community to use on the course.