Cruickshank declares council candidacy

Don Cruickshank hopes to get a seat on Winkler City Council.

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Don Cruickshank wants everyone in Winkler to have a good place to live.
Cruickshank, 39, is running for city councillor this fall. Having called Winkler home for 13 years now, the former youth ministry worker has been actively involved in the community since he arrived.
He has volunteered with United Way, as a junior varsity basketball coach, with the Manitoba Games, and with federal and provincial elections.
“My history proves my courage and willingness to take principled stands, and I’ll bring that courage and conviction to my position at city council,” said Cruickshank.
Asked about his accomplishments since moving to Winkler, he said, “I was one of two employees that moved The Bunker Youth Ministry from a failing financial position.”
“About two years ago, my church invited me onto their board. They wanted to make a transition but did not know how to do that.”
Cruickshank was in school for, and has since graduated with a Masters in Leadership and Management from Briercrest Seminary in Caronport, Saskatchewan. “The pastor called me and said because of your education and your expertise, I think we need you on the board to help us.”
“Right now, we are hiring a new pastor. We are going to keep on our existing pastor, but he’s being able to be released into a new role he wished he had years ago.”
“Have I been at the municipal level, no, but there’s some pretty serious accomplishments under my belt there.”
Asked why he is running for city council, Cruickshank said, “God chooses to use people to move society back to a state that reflects His glory.”
“There’s strategic mountains or areas in society that as Christians we’re called to influence. I think government is one of those.”
Cruickshank has three main projects he wants to see progress over his time as a city councillor. The first is the Buhler Active Living Centre. “It’s a really beautiful space. The problem is it’s not being used,” he said of the second floor of the building.
“One of the major reasons is funding, and the other is changing the paradigms of what it is.”
“It’s a supportive living unit, a step between independent living and home care.”
The second is the Winkler Youth Justice Committee.
“They do great work in the community,” he said. “Work of reconciliation and restoration, and finding a way that honours victims, and gives young offenders hope for a better future.”
“Having been in youth ministry for 10 years, that’s something I’m passionate about.”
The third area is affordable housing in Winkler.
“There are really some great opportunities that may be arising as the province looks to take their hands off the housing sector, and place it in the city’s control,” he said.
Cruickshank is hosting a meet the candidate event at King’s Deli on September 6, from 5:30-7 p.m. Free coffee will be served, and Cruickshank will be available to talk and answer questions about his campaign and plans if he is elected.