Canadian Tire kicks off Jumpstart

Left, Lori Dunseath, Camryn Dunseath, Riise Dunseath, Sara Rempel, Michelle Dickeson, Helen Loewen, John Wiebe, David Dunseath, Carol Epp. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)

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Canadian Tire in Winkler kicked off Jumpstart Month with bouncers for the kids on May 25.
Jumpstart month is June, when all Canadian Tire banner stores including Marks, CT, Sport Chek, Pro Hockey Life, ParSource, National Sports, Gas+ and Atmosphere raise funds at the cash register for local Jumpstart chapters.
David Dunseath of Winkler Canadian Tire said he rents the bouncers at his expense (not the local chapter) to promote Jumpstart month.
“The event for me has never been about fundraising,” he said. “It is about showing kids they can be active and bringing awareness to Jumpstart as we head into our biggest fundraising month.”
The Jumpstart program helps kids who would otherwise not be able to afford it, to get involved in organized sports.
That represents the chance to learn necessary life skills according to Dunseath.
“A lot of kids can’t get into sport and recreation, and in sport and recreation you learn all kinds of things like leadership and resilience and coping with things and learning and getting along,” he said. “These are things that certainly help you in life, in your marriage, in your workplace, that you learn as a child.”
Every dollar raised at the local store remains with the local chapter as Canadian Tire picks up any administrative costs.
“Every single dollar we raise here, stays here,” Dunseath said.
The need for Jumpstart is apparent.
One in three Canadian families cannot afford to enrol their kids in organized sports and physical activity which means many kids are missing out on the benefits that come with organized play.
Dunseath said Jumpstart is a nationally registered charity dedicated to removing financial barriers.
“Whether it’s the chance to try a sport for the very first time or to continue with a favourite physical activity, Jumpstart makes it possible for all kids to participate,” he said.
Since Jumpstart began just over a decade ago, 1.711 million Canadian children have been helped to so they could take part.
“In Winkler alone we have helped 2,519 children become more active,” he said. “Last year the number was 280 children, giving out $27,640.”