A letter of gratitude

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On Christmas morning, the fire in our fireplace grew beyond the walls of the fireplace and chimney.
We called 911 and within a very short time the Altona Rhineland Fire Department arrived, followed soon by the ambulance.
Our house insurance policy is with Friesen Insurance, and although I had only left a message about an adjuster Brad Friesen of Friesen Insurance himself arrived while the Fire Department was still here.
Ron Hiebert of Canadian Lumber, and the father of our neighbour arrived quickly. Scott Hiebert, our neighbour came over to offer the keys to their house, as he and his family were leaving and we had 7 overnight guests.
The Plum Coulee Fire Department and Manitoba Hydro also arrived.
The Fire Departments worked carefully to minimize water damage. They tarped the holes in the roof. We think they went far beyond their obligations.
Ron Hiebert contacted a contractor. He and Henry Neustater came to the house at 1 PM (still on Christmas day).
We needed an electrician and called Karey Hildebrand who arrived early in the afternoon.
Doug Friesen, the insurance adjuster came from Winnipeg and arrived at 3:30. He contacted Corner to Corner Cleaners who arrived by 6 PM with air purifying equipment.
We were overwhelmed by the responses of all the people who assisted us. Because of the good work of the fire departments, most of the house is still livable and we have remained in it.
We are grateful for all the assistance we were given on Christmas Day.